Moss HW

10,0015,00 Incl. BTW

100 or 50 gram skein

200 meters /100 gram

Double Knit (DK) weight, 4 ply, yarn

  • 100% High land non super wash wool

If you would like to do colour work and need (several) smaller skeins of yarn contact me

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  1. English below

A non-super wash Peruvian highland wool.

Being non super wash means the wool hasn’t lost its natural qualities. Its isolating, temperature and moister regulating, dirt and smell repellent.

After some time, all the little holes in the knitted fabric will start to close up. Therefore it is perfect for colour work! It will lock the stitches in place and closing the gaps means you will no longer see the carried yarn behind the fabric.

This wool is a bit rougher than the merino wool yarns we have come used to. But it gets softer over time.

Taking care of your knits and  crochet items:

Non super wash wool is dirt (and smell) repellent, so please, do not wash your knitted and crocheted items. Just hang them outside for a while and they are ready go.

Follow the following method for blocking your finished item but also if you really, really feel you must wash your item:

Soak your finished object in room-temperature water with an optional, small amount, of wool wash. Do not agitate! Just leave it.  As this is a non-super wash wool, chances are it could felt. Press water out gently or put it in a strainer to get mst of the water t drip out. You could place it onto a towel, make a roll and then press some more water out. Lay it flat to dry.

When you have finished making your item, the item is usually blocked, after you have given it a soak, to size and shape. This evens out the stitches in your fabric. Be careful not to over stretch. Lay your item flat, stretch it gently to the intended size and shape and pin the item down if needed. Leave it flat until its dry.

Please note that, although I have washed and rinsed the yarn to remove all eventual dye that hasn’t bound to the fibres, a little bleeding can occur in bright and/or speckled colourways. Also some colours have the tendency to bleed a little more then others. Bleeding will pass after a few rinses, it is normal and nothing to worry about. If you do worry, please send me an email.

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